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First of all, welcome!

So glad you’re here; we think you’ll find fantastic resources to help you on your language learning journey. 

There’s so much mystery and there are so many opinions surrounding the “right” ways to learn a language, but we believe that lettingand it’s sometimes hard to let go of the idea there’s one best way is a good start. 

This website is dedicated to providing you with researched-based answers to your questions in one place. It’s a place where you can explore academic research, other students’ experiences and find ways to learn a language that work for you. 

You may be coming to language learning as someone who already speaks a few languages well and wants to add another, or you may be a beginner, simply curious about which language you want to learn first. 

Wherever you’re coming from, we’re glad you’re here, and our goal is to help you with yours. 

Plus, we’re constantly doing new research and uploading new content, so this site will keep getting better and better. And we’d love to hear from you! If you have comments on the content, or if there’s a language learning topic you’d like to know more about, send us a message! [linked to the contact form] 

Where to get started

If you’re not sure where to start, how about:

  • Currently on an in-country study, or thinking about one? [Link to Study Abroad page]
  • Feeling discouraged about learning a language and thinking you just don’t have “the gift”? [Link to FAQ]
  • Want to know how to make your study more effective? [Link to Key Skills page] 
  • Not sure if learning a new language is worth the investment? [Link to why go to all the trouble page]